Bill Belichick Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

This season, kickoffs in the NFL will look a lot different as the league revamped the kickoff format to add more excitement to the play while also preventing injuries. Legendary head coach Bill Belichick is excited about some aspects of the rule change, but there’s one part of the rule he is quite clearly disappointed by.

During a recent appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Bill Belichick gave his thoughts on the new kickoff rules that will put 10 players on the kicking team and nine players on the return team lined up five yards apart. First, he made it clear that he is excited for more special teams players to get opportunities.

“There’s more opportunity for players to play on special teams than there had been the last couple years when literally 90 percent of the kickoffs were going out of the end zone,” Belichick said.

But there is one thing he certainly is not happy about – the lack of a surprise onside kick.

“I don’t like that they took the surprise onside kick out of it,” Belichick said.

Belichick obviously won’t get the chance to coach using these new rules this season, so he’ll have to watch and see just like everyone else.

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