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Austin Ekeler played the first seven seasons of his career with the Los Angeles Chargers after signing with the team as an undrafted rookie in 2017, but he’ll now be moving on to the Washington Commanders after he claimed there wasn’t a fit for him with the Chargers.

During a recent appearance on The LeBetard Show, Austin Ekeler called out the Los Angeles Chargers a little bit, claiming that the team wanted him back, but only seemingly as a last resort because he didn’t fit into what they wanted him to do.

“The Chargers came to me and kinda told me what they were looking at in the running back position and it wasn’t what I can offer as a player. There was a misalignment. Yeah, they’re interested, but are you really? If all else fails, bring Austin back in type of thing? Because I don’t want to be in that scenario. If that’s your philosophy and what you’re telling me and I don’t fit that, I gotta look somewhere else,” Ekeler said according to Alex Insdorf of Chargers Wire.

Ekeler had the worst season of his career on a per-carry basis last season, averaging just 3.5 yards per carry. We’ll have to see if that number improves this season with the Commanders.

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