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Former NFL cornerback and two-time Super Bowl winner Asante Samuel recently sold his massive 18,000 square-foot home in South Florida for a whopping $7.5 million.

The mansion, which was built in 2014, has nine bedrooms, 12.5 bathrooms, a 10-car garage, a gym, a home theater, a hair salon and a music studio (Samuel recently launched a new record label called Eighties Nation).

However, the main selling point of the expansive and expensive home was the $1 million swimming pool. The pool holds 140,000 gallons of water and comes with waterfalls, a geyser, a hot tub, fire pit, slide, and an area with flat-screen televisions.

The house must have made quite the impression as the buyer of the property wasn’t even house-hunting when they decided to purchase the property, according to the house’s listing agent Ben Moss:

“We branded the property, named it ‘the Compound,’ and came up with the hook, which is that it had a $1 million pool. The buyer told me he wasn’t even in the market to buy a house.”

Impulse mansion buying. Must be nice. Check out some of the amazing photos of the custom mansion that Samuel built in the above slideshow.

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