Late in Sunday’s Colts-Broncos game, Denver cornerback Aqib Talib tried to push Indianapolis tight end Dwyane Allen’s eyeballs back into his brain during an altercation between Allen and Broncos linebacker Von Miller.

After the game, Talib issued a rather impressive non-denial on the matter, essentially saying that he had no idea what happened:

“Yeah, I tried to poke his head or something,” Talib said. “I don’t know. You probably seen it on tape or something, a video or something?”

Yes, unfortunately for Talib, there was video of the “poke to his head or something” because he was playing in a nationally televised game and the NFL let the cornerback know that he is going to be suspended one game for the eye poke on Monday.

Maybe Talib will be able to convince the league that he was merely trying to get a small piece of dirt off of Allen’s nose.

[For the Win]