When I turned 25, I had a dinner with my family and I received a couple of nice t-shirts. Pittsburgh Steelers’ wide receiver Antonio Brown, on the other hand, celebrated his 29th birthday by receiving some very luxurious items.

That will happen when you have people like rapper Ace Hood, NBA star Hassan Whiteside and super agent Drew Rosenhaus showing up for the affair. The most ridiculous items at the Haute Living event were the Rolls-Royce that started at $350,000 dollars. He also received a painting of Muhammed Ali that fetches $20,000 on the open market.

To top it all off, the Rolls-Royce was in the middle of the Miami restaurant as a highlight for the entire room. Does Brown need all those luxurious items? Probably not, but who does? Brown inked a $73 million contract this offseason with the Steelers, so he’ll have to return the favor of high-priced gifts once his friends celebrate their own birthdays.

All-in-all, not a bad way to approach your 30’s.

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