Darnell Dockett is something of a social media savant so it’s not surprising when the 49ers defensive end finds himself in the internet spotlight.

On Friday, Dockett let all of his followers know that he needed to get in touch with “Ramen Reigns” because it would mean the world to his son, who is a big WWE fan.

Satisfied that the number of emojis in the above tweet would adequately convey his own angst over not knowing who “Ramen Reigns” is, Dockett only had to wait for the answers and grammar police to come pouring into his feed.

dockett twitter replies

Having learned that Reigns’ first name is Roman and that he is a 49ers fan (Reigns even got to workout at the 49ers facility earlier this year), Dockett then asked the man himself for a “huge favor.”

No response yet from Reigns, but it’s only been a half hour and Reigns hasn’t been active on Twitter since the end of April. Hopefully, Dockett’s request will persuade him to respond. At the very least, someone has to make some Ramen Reigns merchandise now, right?