AUSTIN, TX – SEPTEMBER 9: Lance Armstrong watches the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Texas Longhorns on September 9, 2006 at Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Having not been in the public eye for a while now, Lance Armstrong is starting to reemerge. He was in the HBO mockumentary Tour De Pharmacy and now it appears he is going to make waves on social media as well.

The media notes for the upcoming Texas-USC affair had an interesting stat line as the Trojans listed their record against the Longhorns 4-0. USC thought this was acceptable considering their entire season was sanctioned and removed from the record books, thus the game doesn’t count.

Obviously, most of the media caught on and pointed out the insanity of it. Texas won the game and the National Championship, that isn’t ever going to be taken away from them.

Armstrong jumped into the fray by giving his thoughts and he didn’t hold back.

Armstrong is more than riled up, he is mad online. Made all the more ironic considering his past with sanctions against his steroid use. He would later go on to delete the tweet but the info and sentiment is still there.

ESPN had the scoop on why USC would ever list their record in such a way.

According to USC sports information director Tim Tessalone, the program was instructed in 2010 by Jim Wright, then the NCAA director of statistics, not to include participation in any games that year as part of its official records. That edict included the Rose Bowl.

“I have documentation in a letter sent in July 2010 to Wright noting all the changes he instructed us to make, including that losses had to be vacated,” Tessalone said in an email. “The letter also states that he had reviewed all our revisions and approved them.”

But as Seth said in the movie Superbad “people don’t forget.” This isn’t a loss that you can just write off.


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