Timofey Mozgov is one of those unfortunate NBA souls who often finds himself on the losing end of highlight reels — at least that’s what people tend to remember. Normally it comes in the form of a posterization, but his most recent embarrassment came in the Denver Nuggets’ first preseason game Monday night, when the 7-foot-1-inch Russian went up for a dunk and was promptly rim-checked. Well, consider Wednesday night Redemption Night for Mozgov, as he managed to pull off the rare two-handed block on a Kevin Durant drive to the bucket.

It’s worth mentioning that this isn’t the first ferocious block of Mozgov’s career. He sent Rudy Gay tumbling to the floor last season on a vicious block of a dunk attempt. Also, it’s not like Mozgov has never Mozgov’d an opponent himself before. Here he is Mozgov-ing Josh Smith last season.

Somehow, some way, Mozgov gets his revenge.