Tim Duncan should be excited (or at least as excited as Tim Duncan CAN get). He just managed to get voted on to his record 15th All-Defensive team — this year a second-team selection. This means that he managed to out-defend a league full of younger, sprier players at 39-years-old on one good leg.

And the crazy part is, Duncan was so good, he probably deserved to be on the first team instead of Deandre Jordan.

Duncan isn’t the type of player to post a ridiculous number of blocks or boards like Jordan, although he managed to give the Spurs 2.0 rejections a game. However, there was no better player at seeing the defense shifting and helping on weakside rotations.

There’s been a lot of chatter as to whether he’ll come back for another season, and I’m sure he doesn’t care about individual accolades at this point. But watching him play defense and stack the All-Defensive team selections is pretty fun to watch.