Tim Duncan has seemingly made it his mission to be as boring in the media as he is great on the court. So when an image of Duncan having fun pops up on the internet, people gawk like they’ve just witnessed a minor miracle.

In a recent article for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Doug Elfman reported on Vegas Indoor Skydiving and the various celebrities that have traversed its billowing rooms of propeller air.

Among those who have reportedly braved the attraction is none other than the always-fun-loving-and-not-at-all-stoic Tim Duncan.

Impressions of Duncan indoor skydiving were… obvious:

“That’s a big dude.”

Unfortunately, it’s not clear when the picture of Duncan was taken but I’d like to think that he immediately jetted to Vegas after the Spurs’ heart-breaking series loss to the Clippers in order to meditate and unwind while floating in a giant man-made chamber of wind.

[Las Vegas Review-Journal] via [@tomhaberstoh]