It’s August, which, in this odd-numbered year, means it’s an especially boring time during the NBA off season (translation: no FIBA-related tournaments). In fact, now that the frenzy of July’s free agency period has died down, the biggest news stories this month will be the unveiling of the 2013-14 schedule (Tuesday) and the edge-of-your-seat drama that is the search for Philadelphia’s next head coach (in case you’ve been asleep for the last three months, they still don’t have one).

To help pass the time (pun 100% intended, in regards to this inaugural post), we’ve turned to YouTube and singled out our favorite NBA videos from over the years. You may have already seen some of them — others, perhaps not, though. Also, there’s no rhyme or reason to the subjects or the content, other than the fact we think they’re awesome/funny/endearing. But, mostly awesome…we hope.

First up, the Art of Passing, featuring Larry Legend and Magic Johnson.