Shelly Sterling

Shelly Sterling may or may not be able to sell the Los Angeles Clippers depending on how long Donald Sterling plans on fighting to keep the team. However, if and when Shelly does manage to sell the Clippers, she’ll get some honorary concessions thrown her way.

TMZ claims that they were able to get a copy of the contract between Shelly Sterling and Steve Ballmer which will sell the Clippers to Ballmer for a cool $2 billion. In it, Shelly was able to wrangle 12 Clippers tickets for life and two titles.

The first title is “Owner Emeritus” which gives the impression that Shelly Sterling is some distinguished figure of importance. Yet, a pope, a professor and Shelly Sterling sounds like the beginning of a bad bar joke rather than “things that often have ‘Emeritus’ attached to their titles”.

The second title that Shelly was granted as a part of the deal was that of “Clippers Number 1 Fan”, something that will surely upset Billy Crystal. Yes, in a battle over the ownership of a multi-billion dollar franchise, real lawyers actually had to put together a document which made it binding that Shelly Sterling be recognized as “Shelly Sterling – Owner Emeritus and Clippers Number 1 Fan”.

Shelly will get to keep those titles for the rest of her lifetime. We’re sure Ballmer is perfectly happy to make those concessions.


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