Shaquille O’Neal was in quite a few tussles back when he played basketball and was, you know, actually in good shape. There was that time he shoved Rafer Alston. That time he threw a forearm at Andrew Bynum. And who can forget when he and Charles Barkley legitimately tried to fight each other on the basketball court?

But Shaq took it one step further when he challenged Ronda Rousey to a fight on TNT. He said that he could honestly last 45 seconds in a ring with her and was immediately interrupted by the laughter of Charles Barkley, the rest of the TNT crew, and the Entourage cast.

I don’t know if it’s his size or basketball past that gives Shaq this confidence, but I have some serious doubts as to whether he could last 45 seconds in a ring with Rousey. It looked like he was having a tough time when he fought Barkley, and if Turtle couldn’t take her, what chance does Shaq have?

And the funniest part is, Shaq totally missed the joke trying to brag about how he could last in the ring with her.