TMZ Sports caught up with United States Congressman Peter King and asked him what he thought about former Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant’s political hopes. King was receptive to the idea and even praised him a bit for his personality type.

“He has all the moves,” said King to TMZ as he had to run off and go vote. He seemed to really put credence into Bryan’ts hopes. He isn’t the only person that feels that way either.

The thing Kobe is this, brother: We need you right now,” said Magic Johnson during Kobe Bryant’s retirement ceremony. “When I look into this audience, there [are] all races of people [who] come together, cheered you on for 20 years. And this country needs to come together. And you were able to bring us all together—the city and Los Angeles—for 20 years. So I want to thank you for that.

It is a lot for Jonson to say in front of a sold out crowd but there is truth to it. No matter what over the years, Bryant had the support of his fans in California and his peers throughout the league. For a player known for working hard, it would be compelling to see if it translates to the political realm.

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