paul george

If the name “Paul George” is difficult for your to remember, then here’s some good news.

George has reportedly put in a request to change his number from the no. 24 to the no. 13. Because PG-13, get it?

If you own a No. 24 jersey of Indiana Pacers star forward Paul George, you may want to get rid of it. And don’t worry, George isn’t going to dealt…as far as we know. Instead, the 24-year-old—ironic, no?—has reportedly received the OK from the NBA to change to the No. 13., as long as he abides by league rules and buys all the remaining No. 24 unis from the marketplace.

There have been hints that this could have been in the works for a bit. George was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in January and seemed to warm up to the idea of changing his name to an MPAA rating:

In January, Kimmel brought up the nickname and George seemed to like the idea, saying, “That’s got a ring to it, PG-13.”

He’s also been hashtagging some of his posts with “#YoungTrece”. Trece is 13 in Spanish.

Sigh, the only initials+number name that really works is Andrei Kirilenko with AK47. That was absolutely perfect.

Andrei Kirilenko

Next to that, PG-13 seems rather tame.