The NBA’s experimentation with sleeved jerseys continues unabated. And while some look promising, the Orlando Magic’s new sleeved uniforms don’t inspire the same sort of confidence.

Putting aside the trouble that all these sleeved jerseys have (the more form-fitting shirt clashes horribly with the loose shorts), the stripes and gray coloring are so bland that they look like they’re designed to make the opposing team fall asleep more than they look like the next wave of NBA fashion. Using blue as a primary color could have helped because these jerseys have all the excitement of paste. Seriously, they make the Bobcats jersey seem fresh.

The Magic will wear these jerseys for select games during the upcoming NBA season. If one buys one of these things from the Magic team store before November 26th, they’ll get two tickets to a Magic preseason game. So, it has that going for them.

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