James HardenDion Waiters is set to make his debut with the Oklahoma City Thunder tonight, just two days after being traded by the Cleveland Cavaliers. He will wear #23, which seemed funny at first, considering it was another guy wearing #23 who undoubtedly played a role in his exit from Cleveland. According to Thunder beat writer Anthony Slater, #23 wasn’t Dion’s first choice. He wanted to wear either #1 or #3, but both are accounted for (Perry Jones wears #3, while #1 is Gus Johnson’s number and is retired and don’t get me started…). So, Dion turned to the logical solution: combine the digits. Apparently, #13 is a no-go in OKC, and not because it’s unlucky. It has everything to do with the fact James Harden wore it during his three seasons in town.

Turns out, it’s not just Waiters who was denied #13. Steven Adams also requested after being drafted. Adams now wears #12.

Gee, you think they want that one back?