The Sacramento Kings are on the up. For 16 years they haven’t touched the playoffs, and now they have finally broken their curse. The team has become the Hollywood underdogs as everyone is cheering them on. 

When they defeated the New York Knicks even the Knicks fans were proud! The NBA money lines haven’t included the Kings since before iPhones existed before the Wii was released!

Now this team is climbing the ranks, we need to break down the player profiles and see who the stand-out players are!

Best Scoring Player On The Sacramento Kings

To get the best gauge of a high-scoring player, you need to compare how many points they get per game. De’Aaron Fox (Point Guard) has the highest points per game with a shocking 25.2.

In second place is Domantas Sabonis (Center) with 19.2 and in third is Kevin Huerter (Shooting Guard) with 15.3.

However, just because a player is great on average that doesn’t mean they are going amazingly as a whole. For example, Fox has been in 70 games while Sabonis has been in 76. So to make sure we take everything into account we need to consider the shots taken overall.

Looking at the field goals, Fox is still dominating with 656, Sabonis is still in second with 556 and Huerter is comfortably in third with 404.

The most accurate player though is Nessmias Queta (Center). He has only played in 4 games and scored 3 points per game, but 6 out of the 8 field goals they have attempted succeed. This gives him a field goal of 75%.

The player with the most 3-point field goals is Huerter with 200. In second is Keegan Murray (Power Forward) with 194, and Malik Monk (Shooting Guard) with 139.

Looking at the free throws we are seeing similar names again. Sabonis comes in third place with 320, Fox in second with 335, and a new name – Harrison Barnes (Power Forward) with 339.

With all the data in front of us, we have a clear top three. Fox, Sabonis, and Huerter are dominating the court and keeping the team in the high-scoring territory. 

So who is the best scoring player on the Kings? It has to be De’Aaron Fox! He has the most field goals, the second most free throw goals, and the most points per game.

Best Defensive Player On The Sacramento Kings

Good defensive players need to create good rebounds, steal the ball and block their opponent. These are the three aspects we will look for in the Kings.

The player with the most rebounds is Sabonis with 941. In second place is Barnes with almost 2 third less on 358. In third place is Keegan Murray (Power Forward). According to the latest NBA news and rumors, Murray will be sitting out of a couple of games due to soreness in his legs.

Let’s put those figures into a useful time frame. Per game, the average rebound you can expect is 10. Sabonis smashes this number with 12.4 rebounds per game!

The players with the most steals are our top three. Fox with 81, Huerter with 74, and Sabonis with 64.

While in blocking Murray takes the lead with 40, Sabonis with 37, and Trey Lyles (Center) with 30.

There is just one player who stands out in every part of the Kings’ defending strategy, and that’s Domantas Sabonis! He is by far the best defending player on the team.

Best Assisting Player On The Sacramento Kings

Assisting players often get overlooked, as they aren’t there to make the final move, but they are essential to set up a powerful play. Normally the best assisting teammates aren’t producing a lot of points, as they put all their effort into support. However, the Sacramento Kings clearly have favorite players who are doing all the leg work.

Sabonis has tallied the most assists with 546 in total so far (7.2 per game). Fox is second with 427 (6.1) and Monk is third with 288 (3.9).

Next, we need to consider turnovers, making sure the ball gets back into the hands of the scoring players. The same three players stand out once more. Sabonis with 223 (2.9), Fox with 176 (2.5), and Monk with 139 (1.9).

Surpassing the players with the best assists to turn over ratios are Matthew Dellavedova (Point Guard) with 4.1, Keon Elis (Shooting Guard) with 4.0, and Davion Mitchell (Point Guard) with 3.1.

Domantas Sabonis would have come in joint 4th with 2.4 alongside Fox.

Without a doubt, Sabonis has been reducing his scoring capabilities to help Fox and his teammates get into position. He is the best-assisting player on the Sacramento Kings.

Final Thoughts

Throughout our research, it’s become clear who the top players on the team are. De’Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis are helping out in every aspect of the game. From scoring to blocking, assisting to stealing. Both of them are putting all their effort into the game, and it shows!

The number one player on the Kings has to be Sabonis. He seems to be everywhere at once, never faltering and never failing!