The first round of the playoffs is over, and the conference semifinals are here. Only eight teams remain, including last season’s winner, the Golden State Warriors. Let’s check out some storylines, as they may come in handy for you, especially if you’re looking to find the best NBA odds for the finals on

The Warriors Gutted it Out in Game 7 

The Golden State Warriors, who won the last NBA title in 2022, have faced many challenges with their star player, Stephen Curry, missing games due to his leg injury. They were pushed to seven games by the upstart and higher seed Sacramento Kings but came out firing on the road in Game 7 in a 120-120 where Curry blew up for 50 points. The Warriors now face the Lakers in form and a dangerous team. 

The Lakers Got Their Mojo Back

Even though this season and the season before haven’t been too kind to the Los Angeles Lakers, it seems like they finally got back on track with a cohesive team. The Lakers eliminated the higher-seed Grizzlies in six games and, in La La Land for Game 6, beat them by 40 points. Anthony Davis and LeBron James are healthy, the role players have stepped up, and the team is playing with a ton of confidence. 

The Celtics Are Looking Dangerous

The Boston Celtics almost won last year, and even though their season has seen its fair share of trials and tribulations, they have a good shot this season. They’re the favorites regarding predictions due to their offensive and defensive qualities. The team will meet the Philadelphia 76ers in the Eastern Conference finals, but the health of likely MVP Joel Embiid is a big concern. 

Everything is Still Possible For The Finals

The NBA is always exciting with unpredictable games and this season, incredible teams are going toe-to-toe for the title of champion. The Warriors may not live up to their previous performance, the Lakers seem to have their heads back in the game, and the Celtics could snatch the crown. However, there are still other teams, like the Miami Heat, who can still surprise everyone and get to the finals. Let’s also not forget the Denver Nuggets, who took Game 1 of their series with Kevin Durant and the Phoenix Suns.