Michael Jordan’s mansion in Highland Park, Illinois is still on the market, as evidenced by this pretty great video advertising the estate’s sale that was uploaded to YouTube a few days ago.

The nine bedroom, fifteen bathroom mansion is priced at $14,855,000 million, as it has been since May.

Jordan has had a hell of a hard time offloading the property. The estate was first put on the market in 2012 for $29 million but finding a buyer has proved difficult, likely because surrounding houses in the area tend to go for anywhere between $1-5 million.

Wisely, the website for the estate has emphasized the home’s Jordan connection. In addition to the ’23’ on the gated entrance, the mansion comes with a putting green with Jumpman flags at each pole, and an “NBA-quality basketball gymnasium” with Jordan’s Jumpman at center court and the name “Jordan” at each baseline.

As for the property itself, Jordan’s Highland Park mansion comes with an outdoor kitchen, an infinite pool, a card room, a movie theater, a fitness room and a 15-car garage.

So, if you are an avid Michael Jordan fan and have $15 million to throw around, you still have time to take MJ’s old estate off his hands.

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