Ten years ago today, November 19th, we saw one of the most brutal sports brawls in history. With less than one minute to go in a 15-point game between the Indiana Pacers and Detroit Piston,  Pacers forward Ron Artest fouled Pistons center Ben Wallace, who proceeded to shove Artest in response. Following a few moments in which it appeared that the altercation would end, all hell broke loose, starting with the fan’s cup throw heard ’round the world.

The incident would result in six player suspensions, including 86 games for Artest, 30 for Stephen Jackson, 15 for Jermaine O’Neal, 6 for Ben Wallace and 5 for Anthony Johnson. A slew of legal proceedings would follow, with one fan found guilty on assault charges for punching Artest in the stands and five players pleading no contest to various charges.