Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James has finally sold his Coconut Grove mansion in Miami that he bought back in 2010, when he became a member of the Miami Heat.

James sold the six bedroom and eight and a half bath house for $13.4 million. While he had originally listed the house at $17 million when he put it on the market last October, it failed to attract any buyers, even after LeBron discounted the price of the house to $15 million back in March.

Still, LeBron did buy the property for $9 million, so he’s still coming out ahead in the deal.

The 12,178 square foot home comes complete with a chef’s kitchen, theater, guest home, infinite pool and two docks that can accommodate a couple of yachts.

You can check out pictures of LeBron’s former mansion below. ESPN reports that the house now belongs to real estate investors Timo and Tathalia Kipp. Interestingly, the couple’s former home belonged to Alonzo Mourning, so maybe they just really love living in places that used to be owned by basketball stars.

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