LeBron James Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, the NBA world was hit with a pretty insane story when ESPN insider Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Golden State Warriors actually attempted to trade for LeBron James before the NBA trade deadline. But it sounds like James himself was kept in the dark about the whole situation.

During an appearance on TNT ahead of the NBA All-Star Game on Sunday night, LeBron James revealed that he had no idea those conversations were taking place until the report from Wojnarowski last week.

“I actually heard about it when everybody else heard about it,” James said during the broadcast. “Sometimes there are conversations that happen behind closed doors that you don’t even know about. Until – I guess it’s real or not – then they bring it to you. But it never got to me, I heard it when the reports dropped, as well.”

Obviously, the trade didn’t happen as the Lakers decided to keep James on the roster for the time being. But it was a pretty insane trade proposal that could have united James with the team that has consistently been his biggest rival throughout the second half of his career.

It would have been interesting to hear whether or not that’s a trade James would have been interested in.

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