Carmelo Anthony is set to become a free agent after his forgettable 10-game stint with the Houston Rockets came to an end last week. Free to join any team, would Carmelo make sense joining his buddy LeBron James in L.A.? James wouldn’t say so.

Speaking with ESPN after Los Angeles 113-97 win over the Miami Heat, James dodged questions about Anthony possibly joining him.

“I have no idea to be honest, that’s not a question to ask me,” LeBron said, at the 2:24 mark. “Right now, we have 15 rosters spots right? We don’t have a roster spot open right now, so that’s not a question for myself.” 

James isn’t outright dismissing Anthony coming to L.A., but he’s certainly playing dumb about it being possible.

Regardless of James’ opinion, or lack thereof, on Anthony joining him in gold and purple, it’s probably the last thing Los Angeles needs. The team is still gelling early in the season with a young roster figuring out how to play alongside James. Adding Anthony would be an unnecessary move. He can’t help the Lakers. They don’t need him, his iso’s or his 20-foot shots.

James won’t admit publicly he doesn’t want to play alongside Anthony, but his non-answer isn’t subtle about his feelings on the matter. Sorry, Carmelo.


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