LeBron James being asked why he unfollowed the Cavs on Twitter.
LeBron James
It was a decently slow sports day on Monday, which accounted for why LeBron James unfollowing the Cleveland Cavaliers Twitter account stole most of the day’s headlines. LeBron James proceeded to drop a triple double in the Cavs blowout win over the Denver Nuggets. His stat line for the game came in at 33 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists. The win was also the 50th for the Cavs this season and resulted in their second consecutive Central Division title.

In a postgame interview one reporter garnered up the courage to ask why LeBron would have unfollowed the Cavs.

LeBron James was in absolutely no mood to answer the question, and with the help of a Cavs public relations employee the question was brushed aside. A follow-up (and unrelated) question was asked to LeBron directly afterwards and the King became so flustered that he couldn’t even answer it. By no means does LeBron James getting flustered by a ridiculous question about social media constitute some sort of odd conspiracy, but it does seem a little odd. We are positive this will be an even bigger story tomorrow, for absolutely no reason at all.

The Cleveland Cavs currently sit in first place in the Eastern conference with an impressive 50-20 record.

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