Milwaukee Bucks forward Larry Sanders had a potentially all-time “Shaqtin’ a Fool” moment Friday night when he recovered a jump ball and made a move towards his own basket as if to score. Fortunately, Sanders realized his mistake (while head coach Jason Kidd looked on in horror) and reversed course towards the appropriate end of the court.

While scoring on your own basket will never stop being funny, if Sanders had completed his initial move, it probably wouldn’t have counted anyway. Why? Because the NBA rule book — specifically, Rule 5, Section I, Article E. — explicitly states: “It is a violation for a player to attempt a field goal at an opponent’s basket”. Essentially, the Ricky Davis Rule. As such, the NBA only counts “accidental” baskets (basically, errant tips off a rebound), and awards two points to the guy standing nearest to the hoop. Of course, you could make the argument that Sanders’ potential shot at the Sixers hoop would have been accidental, but the counter to that is that it still would have been a legitimate field goal attempt. Thus, no basket, and Sixers ball at the free throw line extended.

Ultimately, it didn’t matter either way, as the Bucks won 93-81. Whatever. Still funny.