One of the most badass and defining Kobe Bryant moments is when the Los Angeles Lakers great didn’t flinch at all back in the day when Matt Barnes faked throwing the ball at his head.

It’s a historic NBA moment and echoes Bryant’s Mamba Mentality. But sadly, it might all be a complete lie.

It all started when Trey Kerby from The Starters tweeted out not to look at the overhead angle of the incident unless you want the moment ruined.

Buckets co-host Rob Perez tweeted the angle, showing Barnes’ fake wasn’t a direct shot. Instead, he faked the ball slightly to the side.

NBA Twitter was shook by the reveal.

It’s still somewhat impressive Kobe managed to not flinch with the ball being faked at him from an angle. However, the fact Barnes wasn’t standing directly in front of him sours one of the most memorable moments in league history.

The moment is forever tainted. A first-ballot Hall of Fame meme has dropped a tier into an entirely questionable entry years after it happened. It’s a sad moment for NBA Twitter and everybody who assumed the fake happened straight on from Kobe.

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