NBA: Detroit Pistons at Denver Nuggets

The Detroit Pistons and Denver Nuggets are not rivals, nor will they ever be rivals, yet yet their two big men are having a serious beef. Kenneth Faried ripped Josh Smith following the Nuggets’ 89-79 win on Wednesday night, pointing to the veteran forward as one of the reasons for his team’s victory:

Josh Smith, we let him keep shooting. And he ended up with 25, but he still kept shooting. He shot them out of the game.

Unsurprisingly, Smith didn’t appreciate the heat from Faried and unleashed a barrage of responses:

And then things got personal with this quote from Smith:

I don’t respond to nobody with dreadlocks who plays basketball.

There aren’t a ton of reasons to circle many Pistons games this season,but the Nuggets visit Detroit on February 6th for a mildly interesting matchup following these heavy comments.


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Photo Courtesy: Chris Humphreys/USA Today Sports