The Portland Trailblazers and Golden State Warriors found themselves caught up in a fight Saturday night — or, at least what passes for a fight in the NBA these days. The skirmish began when Warriors center Andrew Bogut elbowed Blazers center Joel Freeland after battling for a rebound, and things only escalated from there.

Eventually, the scrum migrated juuuuuust close enough to the fans that it quite possibly caused David Stern’s heart to skip a couple beats (because, ya know). And, speaking of Malices and Palaces, one of the headliners of the “Malice at the Palace”, Jermaine O’Neal (who was injured and wearing a suit), came off the bench and briefly attempted to choke the life out of Mo Williams. Considering O’Neal’s reputation as “The Guy Who Almost Killed That Pistons Fan Who Looked Like Turtle From Entourage (Except He Slipped Mid-Punch)”, it’s probably a safe bet that his wallet will be quite a bit lighter come Monday morning — along with a few other players.