The NBA offseason is coming to an end and Jeremy Lin and the rest of the NBA will soon be back at work. Thankfully, Lin was able to get a bunch of fellow pro ballers to take some time out of their fleeting offseason to help him make this video on fitting in the NBA.

Tips on fashion, greetings, dancing and music are dolled out with all the speed and precision of a Steph Curry shot. And speaking of Curry, he made an appearance in Lin’s video as well (the two were former teammates during Lin’s brief stint with the Warriors).

Here’s a list of the host of people who made cameos in Lin’s project:

Jason Rivera, Kemba Walker, Wesley Johnson, Landry Fields, DeAndre Jordan, Kyle Korver, Dwight Howard, Jerome Jordan, Tyson Chandler and…


All hail the NBA offseason. It’s almost as entertaining as basketball itself.

[Jeremy Lin]