Jeff Van Gundy is pissed again, this time because players are not joining their teams’ huddles during timeouts in games. Durring the Knicks’ blowout of the Orlando Magic last night in NYC, Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson chose to lounge on the bench pouting while their teammates huddled up to talk strategy. This infuriated Jeff Van Gundy more than his brother, Stan, who happens to coach the Magic. Jeff goes in on Dwight and Jameer, before taking aim at Andrew Bynum and the rest of the league for laziness and lack of care.

I usually find Jeff Van Gundy’s rants to be pointless and exaggerated, but this time he’s spot on. These players are swimming in cash to play basketball for a living and can’t muster up the energy to get off their lazy asses and join their team in a huddle. Instead of pouting and wondering why the Magic have lost four of their last eight games, maybe Howard and Nelson should look at their negative attitudes as the issue. As for Bynum, keep launching threes big guy. You’re just making ridiculous money to play games of HORSE each night in front of millions of viewers who wish they had the opportunity you do.


via BI Sports