James Harden had zero time for a heckler spewing vitriol his way.

The Houston Rockets superstar was getting back onto the court during Game 2 of the Rockets-Jazz, when a Utah “fan” went up to the gate and called him “the worst flopper in the NBA.” Understandably, Harden took exception to that and smacked his phone.

The pathetic cries from the Utah fan further justify Harden’s decision. The fan had been warned all game by security.



It’s difficult to fault Harden as he’s in the middle of a massive game. He shouldn’t have to deal with a moron getting out of his seat to heckle him all while recording on his phone. This is more than an opposing fan jeering. So, Harden opted to smack the phone – which is a perfectly fine reaction.

This dude is all talk. The sound of his voice and his incessant complains when security tells him to back off unquestionably revealed his true character. I can’t believe I’m saying this but Harden was absolutely right here. It’s a cowardice move by the Utah fan and it’s completely shocking he wasn’t tossed from the game.


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