The NBA and their referees have been a topic of conversation all season long. It isn’t a particularly new topic. Athletes and officials don’t get along at all. Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has a different thought about them.

In comments to the media, Kerr explained how he feels about the refs and also talked about how hard of a gig it is as well. It is a nuanced take and not entirely unheard of from Kerr. When asked a question in these scrums, he gives back a well-reasoned answer.

Here is part of Kerr’s comments on the above video:

“It’s a tough job. I think what happens in this league, honestly, is that the players test the boundaries every single night. And they try to fool the refs. And why not? They’re trying to win. They’re trying to get to the foul line. But officiating is so hard. And it’s never been more difficult because I think the players are taking more and more liberties.

One that you see all the time now is players dribbling with one hand—and you try to get your arm in to defend him—and the player uses the off arm to literally grab the defender and flail and look like he’s shooting the ball. That happens all the time. Players are smart and they’re doing that. It’s an offensive foul. But good luck trying to officiate that at full speed. That’s impossible. These guys have a tough job. I don’t know who’s right and who’s wrong, I just know I wouldn’t want to be a ref.”

He doesn’t necessarily absolve them, but he doesn’t roast them as many have in recent months. It is interesting to see him make these comments especially since he is putting this on the players. Where is the line between the two sides and are they at a point of no return? It is just another in a long line of questions in modern officiating.


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