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The Lakers are rolling out a roster of scrubs and hand-me-down parts. They have no chance of making it to the postseason in the Western conference. There are dozens of teams in the NBA that are both better and play a more exciting brand of basketball than them. They’ve also been playing on Christmas day for the past 16 years. And now you can make it 17.

The Lakers-Clippers game joins the Heat-Pelicans game and the Warriors-Cavaliers game in a repeat of the 2014-2015 NBA Finals. The latter two sound appealing, but the Los Angeles rivalry doesn’t warrant a Christmas day slot. I think NBA fans would much prefer to see a Mavericks-Clippers Christmas day game a la the DeAndre Jordan fiasco. How great would it be to see Mark Cuban ignore Jordan all game long?

The Lakers had 28 nationally televised games last season, while the Grizzlies only had nine. Only a handful of teams had more nationally televised games, and all of them had a much better record. The Lakers may very well win their Christmas day matchup, but it’s time to give another team the spotlight.


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