Before I get to the actual content of this post, there’s a 99% chance I’m jinxing Derrick Rose by doing this post in the first place. So, if he blows out his knee again in Portland next week, feel free to send me hate mail. I’ll take full responsibility.

That being said, after nearly two weeks of “wow, Derrick Rose is actually made of glass” chatter following a double ankle sprain, he appeared to be in fine form Monday night against the Detroit Pistons. And, as a nice change of pace, his top plays weren’t of the scoring variety. Here he is crossing Josh Smith on a fast break before freezing D.J. Augustin and dishing to Pau Gasol for an easy dunk:

Then, there’s whatever this is.

For more nifty highlights of Rose’s 24-point, 7-assist outing, please refer to the video at the top of the post.