The Los Angeles Clippers are in a time of turmoil as they hope to improve in the long-term. It appears that their center DeAndre Jordan also wants a bit of change.

From The Los Angeles Times:

Living and dining rooms, a movie theater, five bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms lie within the 4,600 square feet of interior space. A wet bar finished in reclaimed wood siding sits off the kitchen, which has been upgraded with sleek custom cabinetry and a broad island. Off the second-floor master suite is a private balcony.

The best part of it all may be in the yard where there is a full-size teepee. That is all that should matter to prospective buyers. Do you want a teepee or not? For $6.5 million, it can all be yours. You can check out all of the photos of the home on Redfin.

This is the second home within a year that Jordan has put on the market. The other being an $11.75 million home that he took a $1 million loss on.

Jordan has a player option after this year that he can exercise meaning that he can leave. This isn’t an indication that he will use it but it does raise questions about it. Jordan may just be a burgeoning realty mogul.

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