TimberwolvesThe Minnesota Timberwolves are tied for the worst record in the NBA (14-53), meaning their season, for all intents and purposes, ended quite some time ago. In what constitutes the closest thing to torture for NBA fans, they happen to be playing against their partner in futility — the New York Knicks — Thursday night in one of the worst games of the season. While the Knicks have a nice victory over the defending champion Spurs to brag about these days, things aren’t going as well for the T-Wolves.

With Rubio officially out, the T-Wolves only had seven available players for tonight’s game at Madison Square Garden. NBA rules require eight eligible players, meaning the T-Wolves had to scramble to find an extra body. Fortunately, they found their extra man — Sean Kilpatrick — in Delaware, playing for the 87ers of the D-League.

The T-Wolves had been granted an extra roster spot by the league due to hardship, so Kilpatrick hopped in his car and drove the two-plus hours from Newark (Del.) to meet the team in time for tip-off. Barely.

Where does “signing a guy because everyone is injured and he can drive to the game” rank on the scale of low moments in NBA futility?