Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

For those who don’t know him,  is a scary, scary man. At 6’3″, weighing in at 286 lbs, the Beast Incarnate is a machination of muscles and terror that has been ripping the World Wrestling Entertainment brand apart for some years. He ‘s a natural athlete the size of a small bear with the speed of smaller, more agile bears and is, generally, not to be f*cked with.

For five years between his stints with the WWE, however, he also spent some time with UFC, winning five matches and the Heavyweight Championship from Randy Couture in 2008. His time with company was sweet, yet shorter than it actually was. It seems that, although he hasn’t fought in an octagon since 2011, his time with mixed martial arts is still not done.

According to ESPN, Brock Lesnar has signed a deal to fight at UFC 200, set to take on former professional kickboxer Mark Hunt in Las Vegas. Although he will be participating in this event, he is still under contract with the WWE, who has granted him a “one-off opportunity” to step into a different ring.  Six weeks later, he will be back to his ol’ wrasslin’ gig, appearing in SummerSlam to probably fight an undead mortician or something.

Some would say this seems to be more of a publicity stunt or “crossover” marketing concept for WWE and UFC; Lesnar’s opponent, however, is a legitimate fighter, as Hunt, known as “Super Samoan,” has recorded at least nine knockouts in his career. Regardless, it should be interesting to see if Lesnar can bring the pain as he did before, and welcome to Mr. Hunt to Suplex City, bitch.



Photo (cover): Pedestrian

Photo (bottom): Wrestling Forum