In an interview with Cosmopolitan, MMA God Ronda Rousey recalled one unpleasant interaction that she had with tattooed child-stache Justin Bieber.

According to Rousey, when she was at the Cannes Film Festival with her little sister earlier this year, the two happened to run across Justin Bieber. And while Ronda’s sister hadn’t really been excited to see anyone else, she was apparently pretty stoked to see the Biebs.

Ronda then went over to Bieber to ask him if he would take a picture with her sister to which Bieber reportedly responded, “I’ve already taken a billion pictures today, ok.” When Ronda tried to explain that it was for her little sister, Bieber apparently cut her off again with a curt, “A billion.”

It’s hard to tell if Justin Bieber was rude or suicidal in that exchange because one would think that the last person that you would ever want to piss off would be Ronda Rousey.

Between this and her ongoing feud with Floyd Mayweather, it seems that Ronda Rousey is ready to get into it with anyone on Floyd’s Money Team.

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