Michael Wacha pitched and 8 2/3 innings of no-hit ball yesterday before being bested by an infield single, which assuredly prompted many nightmares last night in the Wacha household.  Essentially acquired as part of Albert Pujols’ move to the Los Angeles Angels (compensation pick), Wacha was drafted in the first round of the 2012 MLB draft and proved why he was worth it in last night’s contest.  If not for that lousy infield single – AN INFIELD SINGLE!!! – we’d be discussing the next “so-and-so” today.

Despite only pitching in nine starts so far this year, Wacha looks like a future ace.  He is 4-1 with a 2.78 ERA and 1.10 WHIP in 15 totals games.  In his starts, he has amassed a total of two games where he allowed more than 2 runs.  In fact,  in three of his last five starts he’s given up 0 ER and 6 hits.  That’s total – not in each game.  As we progress towards the playoffs, though, we may see Wacha thrown back into the bullpen.  Why?  Because once again, the Cardinals have a loaded arsenal of aces – and it’s not just veterans this time.

Wacha is just the next St. Louis Cardinal to be quite impressive during his short stint in the majors thus far.  Already having plugged Shelby Miller (14 Ws, 3.12 ERA) into the starting rotation and using Trevor Rosenthal (2.70 ERA and 104 Ks in 73.1 IP) as a set-up man, Wacha forms a pretty formidable future for the Red Birds.  Including reliever Kevin Seigrist (0.48 ERA in 37.2 IP) and starting pitcher Carlos Martinez, who is quite possibly the most exciting of the group, the Cardinals currently have plenty at their disposal for use.  Did we mention all of these guys are rookies?

If the Cardinals would like to spread their seeds of success to the rest of the league in how they are able to successfully scout pitching prospects the way they do, I’m sure all teams would send scouting personnel to that TED Talk.  Since that will never happen the shock and awe that is the Cardinals scouting team will continue as the immovable object that it is.  With Wacha in tote – who last night became the fourth pitcher to lose a a no-hit bid in the 9th inning in 2013 (the 3rd with 2 outs) – the Cardinals have very little to worry about outside of bad jokes.  Wocka Wocka!

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