Former Twins closer and current Twins bullpen coach Eddie Guardado simply wanted to peruse his locker on Monday night in relative safety but the Twins had other ideas.

The team was coming off of a 13-2 stomping of the Chicago White Sox, so one can understand their levity. Current closer Glen Perkins took the video and, according to Cut 4, Brian Duensing is the guy who was likely hiding in the locker. Apparently, this isn’t the first time that the Twins have pulled off this particular prank either:

Originally conceived by Brian Duensing (who was likely the culprit hiding within Guardado’s clothing), the Twins have been pulling this one over the last few weeks with neither coaches nor players safe.

Perkins captioned his video with “Not only did Bruno dance last night, we made Guardado dance too.” Hitting coach Tom Brunasky reportedly dances in the locker room after each Twins home win. It sure seems like the Twins clubhouse is a blast after each victory, whether figuratively or literally.

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