Alex Rodriguez was drafted by the Seattle Mariners 22 years ago on Wednesday, launching a tumultuous career than no one could have imagined in their wildest dreams. He was made the first overall pick in the 1993 MLB Draft after wrapping up an unreal high school career at Westminster Christian School (Palmetto Bay, FL) and elected to turn down a two-sport football-baseball scholarship offer from the University of Miami in favor of beginning his professional baseball career immediately.

Rodriguez was only 17 years old when the Mariners called him and informed the youngster of their intention to draft him with the top pick on June 3, 1993. Although that day signaled the start of a legendary era, for many reasons, it also featured some serious denim that should be equally celebrated.

Check out the draft day photo of Rodriguez rocking a denim shirt and a perfectly cheesy baseball-themed tie:


There also appears to be at least a couple cases of denim in the background. It might be unlikely but we’re really hoping that a 2015 MLB Draft hopeful will whip out denim as an ode to Rodriguez’s big day more than two decades ago.


Photo Courtesy: Marta Lavandier/AP