Insane Oakland A's Play Insane Oakland A’s Play

It’s not all that often that a pitcher makes a spectacular defensive play fielding the ball, but Oakland A’s relief pitcher Lucas Erceg went absolutely viral this week for one of the best defensive plays you’ll ever see from a pitcher.

At the top of the eighth inning during Sunday’s game against the Washington Nationals, Nationals slugger Jesse Winker hit a ball right back to the mound that took a difficult bounce right off the foot of Lucas Erceg. The ball bounced toward first base, setting up quite a difficult play for the pitcher – but he pulled it off.

Erceg scrambled to the ball and knew that he didn’t have enough time to scoop the ball up and throw it to first base. Instead, he took his glove and just scooped the ball toward first base, ultimately rolling the ball right on target and beating the runner for an out to end the inning.

It was an absolutely insane play, especially for a pitcher, and the Major League Baseball world had a lot to say about it on social media as a result.

In addition to the incredible play, the A’s also got the win, beating the Nationals by a score of 7-6.

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