With the bases loaded and one out in the seventh inning of a two-run game, Washington Nationals reliever Blake Treinen had one of the more embarrassing fielding sequences you’re ever going to see.

Red Sox catcher Ryan Hanigan hit a slow chopper back to Treinen, who tried to make the play to home plate to start a 1-2-3 double play. Unfortunately for Treinen, not only did he boot the grounder to ruin any shot at the double play, he also then proceeded to unleash a wild throw, one which bounced out of play.

The back-to-back errors were costly ones. Not only did the Nationals lose two easy outs that would have gotten them out of the late game jam, they also handed the Red Sox two runs to tie the game. The Sox would take the lead with a fielder’s choice on the very next batter.

It was part of a three-run inning for the Red Sox in which they didn’t even register a single hit. Three errors, two hit batsmen and two errors did not help the Nats’ cause.

Something tells me fielding practice will be on Treinen’s itinerary this week.