In Seattle on Ken Griffey Jr.’s week of all things.

Mike Trout has had quite a career for someone so young. Not only does he have career batting average over .300, but he’s already racked up quite a few defensive highlights in the outfield (he’s also pretty good at paying tribute to David Ortiz). It’s not surprising, then, that he decided to add another one by robbing a grand slam. On his birthday.

Not a bad present for himself.

As Bleacher Report… er, reported, the Mariners would go on to win against Trout’s Angels 3-1, but it’s rather beautiful to see Mike pull off such a feat in the home of Ken Griffey, Jr., who’s been known to catch a ball or two himself.

If you’re looking for more epic sports catches and throws, check out some of our favorite videos of Dude Perfect, the bros with all the best moves, in the deck below.


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