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The Boston Red Sox may have notched a victory on Sunday afternoon, but closer Kenley Jansen had some pretty harsh words for Major League Baseball for the quality of the baseballs this season.

“I got to get better, but also if you’re playing in the cold weather, windy, and you get pearls balls out there that’s not rubbed well, I don’t know where the ball’s going,” Jansen said after the game according to ESPN.

Though Jansen completed the save to secure the victory for the Red Sox, he hit the leadoff batter and walked another batter in the game. And he thinks the quality of the baseballs were to blame.

“I don’t hit guys, I don’t walk people this much. And I start to get frustrated.” Jansen said. “Any balls that came, I just throw it back till when I find a good ball. And it’s just brutal.”

Jansen claimed that the quality of the baseballs has only gotten worse over time.

“It’s embarrassing. It’s been a while I’ve been playing in this league and, from the beginning of my career until now, it’s getting worse,” Jansen said.

“It’s been an issue the whole year,” Jansen continued. “I’ve been talking to a lot of my teammates, and they feel the same way. First pitch, get out of my hand, I don’t know where it’s going. Second pitch, the same thing. Then, I tried to throw a ball down the middle, just keep going down. It’s tough trying to make an adjustment and also you have the clock ticking.”

Obviously, these comments led to a lot of reactions on social media.

We’ll have to see whether or not this situation improves throughout the season.