Jose Bautista had an impressive showing at Monday night’s Home Run Derby, but ended up losing to Prince Fielder in the final round. After the loss, MLB’s Jordan Bastian was there to speak with ‘Joey Bats’ and he quoted a classical line from the move “Talladega Nights.” Bastian tweeted Bautista’s reaction to losing the Derby:

Some say Bautista slightly resembles Sacha Baron Cohen – one of Will Ferrell’s co-stars in “Talladega Nights.” Maybe this is where he learned to appreciate the competitive prowess of the legend that is Ricky Bobby, or maybe he’s just a fan of Will Ferrell. When asked if he was really upset about losing, Bautista gave an “I was serious when I said if you’re not first, you’re last” look. Perhaps he really has been living his whole life by that quote?


via Yahoo! Sports