Gritty is taking over the world.

The new Philadelphia Flyers mascot, who initially appeared to be a terrifying, googly-eyed monster, has evolved into everyone’s favorite freakshow. Gritty’s hard not to love.

Gritty showed up at Citizens Bank Park this weekend and met his Phillies counterpart, the Phillie Phanatic. The two immediately bonded and hit it off immediately, sharing a warm embrace.

The two shook their big bellies and rumpuses while doing multiple Fortnite-related dances (including the floss) while entertaining fans on top of the Phillies dugout.

The Phillie Fanatic’s respect to the new kid on the block is marvelous.

The Fanatic is great. Gritty is great. Together, they form a legendary mascot team that will never be paralleled. Philly sports’ teams (besides the Eagles) might not be in great shape, but when it comes to mascots, nobody is better than Philly.


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