On September 9th, the Los Angeles Dodgers will be having a Babe Ruth bobblehead night for reasons which are fairly unclear.

Sure, Ruth was the Dodgers’ first base coach for the 1938 season but the role was largely honorary. According to Ted Berg of For the Win, Ruth didn’t even relay signs during games which makes his Dodgers’ connection only slightly less tenuous than Ruth’s connection to Snickers bars. Then again, Ruth’s actual status as a figurehead for the Dogers could just be some really shrewd meta-marketing by the team.

You would think with the Dodgers incredibly rich history, they could find someone else to honor with a bobblehead. Ruth’s place in baseball history is unmatched but his place in Dodgers’ history is a footnote of barely interesting trivia. Heck, a Mo’ne Davis Dodgers’ bobblehead may make just as much sense as a Babe Ruth Dodgers’ bobblehead.

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