Clayton Kershaw LOS ANGELES, CA – OCTOBER 23: Clayton Kershaw #22 of the Los Angeles Dodgers answers questions from the media ahead of the World Series at Dodger Stadium on October 23, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. The Dodgers will take on the Houston Astros in the World Series as Kershaw is slated to start game one. (Photo by Justin Heiman/Getty Images)

The Los Angeles Dodgers ignited a heated debate last month when they announced that they would be honoring LGBTQ+ group The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence at their Pride Night game on June 16, and one of the most prominent voices speaking against the decision was longtime Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw.

During an interview with the Los Angeles Times this week, Clayton Kershaw made it clear that he did not support the Dodgers’ decision to honor the LGBTQ+ group due to the group’s parody use of religious imagery, which he claimed was offensive to Christians.

However, despite his disagreement with the group and the team’s decision to honor them, Kershaw had an important announcement, revealing that he would not be boycotting the team’s Pride Night game on June 16.

“As a follower of Christ, we’re supposed to love everybody well,” Kershaw told the Los Angeles Times. “And I think that means being able to be at a lot of different places and be able to be a part of a lot of different things.”

The announcement from Kershaw generated quite some buzz on social media.

Instead of boycotting the game, Kershaw is helping promote a Christian Faith Day with the Dodgers that will take place later this summer.

“I think in these situations, instead of maybe criticizing or trying to find something wrong with a group, it’s better just to focus on what you do believe in,” Kershaw said. “For me, that’s Jesus. So I think that was our best response.”

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